Social Responsibility


We developed projects to promote the advancement of our team.

Strengthening Education - Agrogana



Access to education allows for greater social mobility in the professional world. For this reason, we implemented an after-school center where the children of our workers learn and practice English, math, computer use, reading, and sports. Currently, 200 children aged 4 to 16 participate in this after-school program. 

This program also allows students who otherwise might not have had access to computers or the internet to use computers to access more learning tools.

Additionally, we award scholarships for the children of our workers.

Home Improvements - Agrogana



More than 150 families if workers received a washing machine, stove, and a fridge. This allows families to have more free time, quality time, and improve their quality of life.

Quality of Life - Agrogana



We are committed to the progress and safety of every person in our team. For this reason, we provide safe jobs with fair wages so that the development of our company ensures the development of our workers.  

New moms receive a paid maternity leave of 12 weeks. When they return to the workplace, they have access to a lactation room to feed their babies or pump. 

Health - Agrogana



We conduct frequent medical exams at the workplace to monitor and ensure the safety and health of every person in our team. Besides routine checkups to prevent the development of long-term diseases such as cancer, we also conduct optometrist exams, and dentist checkups, among other services.

Family Crop Gardens - Agrogana



We know the importance of a healthy diet. For this reason, every month, we provide our workers with more that 150 seedlings of fruits and vegetables to plant in their yards. By doing this, we provide our team with ways to increase their families’ incomes, while having access to healthy foods.


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